Lyrics snap shot...Track untitled for now...
"I just took my methotrexate
4 am she got me up late
damn felt another earthquake
Man I gotta get my shit straight
Hairline receding no time to lose
Cal de sac is forming I got the blues
Turn my attention to watch the news
Brothas are dying without no clues
No future in this frontin
Especially with one in the oven
No risk No reward is true
My Dilemma is what risk to choose...
I can't get it together
fast enough
If its a game I'm bruising
Just trying to keep up
The money tree ain't shaking
Can't find a buck
Short changed no solutions
And nobody really gives a fuck
Yes my theraphy I wrote that
No pen cause I'm on the ipad
Keys what note will work with that
Make a beat and drown it out with that"