#OSCARS...And The Nominees Are...


Now before we get into the breakdown of the selections I must say the Academy is the Academy so if you don't see your favorite actor mentioned its not because they didn't do a great job, there is a machine and it works to a certain program. There, its said and explained.  Same goes for the SAG Awards, Golden Globes and the rest...

Okay, The Losers...

So when you take a close look at all of the films released in 2012 you can quickly glance and determine that for the most part they got the right films selected for consideration.  But out of the films selected I fill like some of the performances weren't properly recognized.

Jamie Foxx - Should he have been nominated?  Yes. Frankly why the hell was he left off?  I mean a pre-historic black gangsta / bounty hunter going in on the slave owners who left marks on his back, all in the name of love for his wife?  Deep enough.

Samuel L. Jackson - Are you SERIOUS? This was the role of his life and he's not on the list?  The antithesis of a slave, the "house negro" played wickedly well almost making the viewer scratch their eyes in disbelief. Brilliant performance hands down, point blank period.  I'm sure he'll grab a few Image Awards though. SMH

Leonardo DiCarpio - Again, not to run the table on Django but c'mon.  He killed it.  As a matter of fact this role was one of the most difficult for him to act as he admitted the difficulty in being such a bigot was uncomfortable for him.  However, he'll make up for this snub with next year's release of the Great Gatsby's

John Goodman - I felt like he had 2 good supporting roles this year (Flight & Argo) that combined should have got him more recognition maybe not Academy but something ya' know?  Just my thoughts.  

Full list of nominees is available here