Patrick Dempsey Literally Resuscitates A Brand

Its hard to think about the other players in the coffee game since it appears that Starbucks has such a monopoly on the industry.  But there are a few storefronts left, like Tully's Coffee.  Dempsey, the Grey's Anatomy star has rescued them from bankruptcy in what appears to be an impromptu decision around the holidays.  For a cool $9.15 million Dempsey's 'Global Baristas' is a buyer. 


Tully’s has 47 company-owned stores with about 500 employees plus 70 franchise locations. Dempsey’s statement said he decided to bid for Tully’s a week before Christmas, after learning that other bidders had plans to close many of the company’s stores. He’ll be spending more time in Seattle. “He plans on being very engaged and involved,” Pearson said. “This is a 20-year-old company that needed a kickstart, and Patrick’s really provided that.”