That was Embarassing

When I fronted like I was down with the crew to look cool...
When I promoted an event in college and only a handful showed...
When I got hustled by an Italian suit broker into buying suits from the back of his car 4 sizes too big...
When I bought a raggedy Mustang just so I could have wheels and immediately had buyers remorse
When I chased that girl for all that time and let others pass me by
When I had just enough money to order a couple burgers off of the $.99 cent menu plus tax
When I wore those big ass glasses and had the protectors on the back so they wouldn't fall off my face
When I thought I knew more than I did
When I was only just a kid



Today - at a dope house in Palm Springs shooting the Hyundai Equus, creating some stunning visuals.


Yesterday - in the Palisades, I love the "iProspective" shot...I wanted it to look & feel as if you were taking the shot yourself.

NIKE unveils marty mcfly's back to the future sneakers


only 1500 to be sold at auction for charity (right now of course).  Benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research 

The sneaker was developed by Nike Design Legend Tinker Hatfield